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He Speaks Like A Parrot – Efia Odo Hits Back At Abronye


• Efia Odo has received all kinds of verbal attacks from Abronye

• Abronye accused her of enjoying some benefits from the NDC government

• Efia Odo says Abronye talks loosely without evidence

For some time now, Efia Odo has become the ‘pet project’ for the Bono Regional Chairman of the New Patriotic Party, Kwame Baffoe, known popularly as Abronye DC.

Abronye has on Wontumi FM made all forms of allegations against Efia Odo as a retaliation to the actress’ activism on social media.

Abronye explicitly accused Efia Odo of being on receiving payments from the former Mahama government and enjoyed other benefits from elements in that government.

He also by implication made some sexist comments which cannot be re-echoed on this platform as he failed to back none of them with evidence.

Efia Odo appeared on Angel FM on June 30, 2021, and she asked about Abronye’s abuse of her. The actress held no punches and described the loudmouth politician as a ‘parrot’ who speaks without basis.

She noted that Abronye’s incessant attacks are to scare her and make her abandon her mission to have the country fixed by the political class.

But she remains adamant that she is on a just cause and would not be swayed by the comments of Abronye DC.

She denied with utter conviction that she enjoyed salaries from the previous and rubbished claims that she used frequent Dubai during the Mahama era.

“He is someone who is a parrot. Look at the way he talks and behaves. You are defaming me and lying on my name. How can you say that a certain man has bought a house for me when I made it clear when I first arrived in the country that I stay with my mother,” she said.

“I have never stepped foot in Dubai. Nobody has given me a ticket to Dubai and bought a house for me. I don’t need their support and I don’t want it. This is propaganda to take the focus from what we are doing. He wants to make it seem like I’ve gone to the President for money but that is not true,” she added.

Efia Odo had earlier made known her intentions of taking legal actions against Abronye for the comments he made against her.

“It’s time to start suing people for defamation of character,” Efia Odo tweeted on June 29, 2021.


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