When an enraged crowd almost murdered him at Spintex’s Coastal Estates, Hammer of the Last Two said it was the scariest moment of his life.

Angel FM’s Quophi Okyeame interviewed Hammer, who broke down in tears while recounting the incident.

During that time, he characterized it as the most terrifying experience of his life, and he was certain he was about to die.

The event, according to the renowned sound engineer, took place somewhere around 2005.

In the presence of his former lover and another acquaintance, Hammer said that he was on his way to meet a colleague about some music business.

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When his vehicle broke down at the Coca-Cola intersection on Spintex Road, he was on his way home.

He did, however, have a pistol in his vehicle, which he removed and placed in his backpack before leaving the car to go to the garage.

They were waiting for another cab when a Nigerian man approached them and began harassing his girlfriend as soon as they arrived at the Estate and completed their business.

Despite the fact that she was standing with two intimidating men, the man continued asking her for her number and attempting to talk her up.

Upon arriving in the cab, Hammer informed the driver that he wanted to teach him a lesson and invited him to meet with him.

Hammer then clarified that he was in the driver’s seat of the vehicle at the time.

Immediately upon seeing the individual approaching him, he drew his pistol and placed it on his lap, warning him not to act in such a manner in the future.

In Hammer’s words, “the moment the taxi driver saw the pistol, he jumped out of the vehicle and informed them that he would no longer be transporting them.”

An angry mob rallied behind the Nigerian man, who began yelling that they were gunmen and forcibly removed them from their vehicle.

Hammer described how the crowd began hurling punches and weapons at them.

At that very instant, his whole life flashed before his eyes.

Hammer said that he came dangerously close to death until a passing samaritan recognized him.

The individual screamed that they were lynching Hammer of the Last Two.

Even then, it took some time for the crowd to disperse, but the man flagged down a cab and whisked them away.

Hammer claims that from the location of his near-death experience, he immediately went to church and expressed gratitude to God for rescuing him.

He said that he obtained the contact information for the gentleman who rescued him and the two have maintained contact to this day.

He expressed his gratitude once again for saving his life.

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Source: Ghgossip.com