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‘Greedy Bastards’ – Kennedy Agyapong Goes Wild On NPP Members Involved In Galamsey


Kennedy Agyapong, the Member of Parliament for Assin Central has challenged the government to be prepared to prosecute members of the New Patriotic Party involved in illegal mining if it wants to succeed.

Kennedy Agyapong noted on Net2 TV that the fight has been sabotaged by leading members who are doing everything possible to ensure that the efforts of the government prove futile.

He alleged that some bigwigs have offered support to one Donald to undertake illegal mining despite a court ruling barring him from doing so.

He slammed the figures, describing them as ‘greedy bastards’ who are bent on causing Akufo-Addo shame.

He urged the perpetrators to think about the future of the country and desist from their ways since it poses a greater risk to future generations.

“There is one guy called Donald. I took him to court and he lost but he is still in the forest doing galamsey. He’s being backed by NPP bigwigs. I thought I was helping the president but the guy has NPP figures backing him.

“We are destroying our water bodies because of money. They think they have power but power is temporal. I will take them on. We can’t watch on as this guy destroys the country.”

Kennedy Agyapong noted that whiles the majority of Ghanaians have bought into the government’s anti-galamsey drive, its own members are crippling it to protect their interest.

“When it comes to galamsey, the NPP members are greedy bastards. I have warned them that if anyone dares me I will expose them. We cannot allow that to happen. The hope Ghanaians have in President Akufo-Addo, we the followers are trying to make him unsuccessful but we have to help succeed.

“I don’t think Akufo-Addo is thinking of himself at his age with the ban on illegal mining. He is thinking about the country. Posterity will judge this man that even when his own people were against him, he stood firm,” he said.

Kennedy Agyapong also urged the government to involve the mining communities in the fight.

“With all due respect, Mr President change the approach because it won’t work. They are applying force but if you don’t conscientise the people that they will be part of the reclamation and be paid some amount, it won’t work. We should engage all the communities and let them know that their lives are under threat as well. I feel the government should engage the communities,” he said.

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