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GRA reveals when multiple exemptions on E-levy will end [audio]


This is what you will pay for MoMo transaction if e-levy is passed (Source- GBC)

The Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) has stated that multiple exemptions being enjoyed by mobile money users with more than one account is temporary.

A Principal Revenue Officer and Head of the Project Management Unit for GRA, Isaac Kobina Amoako, stressed that this will phase out “on July 1, 2022.”

The E-levy law stipulates that consumers are expected to be charged per account, but currently, consumers with multiple accounts are enjoying multiple exemptions.


CEO of the Ghana Chamber of Telecommunications, Ken Ashigbey, explained on the Super Morning Show on Thursday that “what is happening is that not all the charging entities have been rolled onto the common platform which would have been able to take your unique identifier, therefore, if you have multiple SIMs then you’ll be enjoying multiple exemptions.”

However, the Ghana Revenue Authority has assured that this will end by the close of June.

“We’ve told the charging entities to tell their customers that this is temporary. We wrote the letter to the charging entities that they should charge per wallet and per account. If you watch the approach we are using, we are riding on the back of the charging entities and we’ve already told them that this is a temporary endeavor that will end after June 30, so from July 1, all these multiple exemptions will end,” Mr Kobina Amoako said.

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