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Godfred Dame and his Deputies make a great triumvirate; they will do a great job


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Respected legal practitioner and Associate Professor of Law at the University for Professional Studies School of Law Ernest Kofi Abotsi has argued that persons appointed by President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo to the Ministry of Justice will be effective and efficient at their job, stressing that the three persons are well qualified and possess the requisite experience and qualities for their office.

Commenting on the appointment of Mr Tuah Yeboah and Diana Asonaba Dapaah to assist Mr Godfred Dame at the Ministry of Justice and Attorney General, Prof Abotsi extolled their virtues, describing them as persons who possess both the professional competencies and leadership skills  needed at the Ministry to which they have been appointed.

“Mr Dame himself, we happened to be in school together. He was a year behind me, but we were in school together. So I knew him too well. So the three of them, I have had the opportunity of knowing them for some long time. And it appears to me that the Attorney General’s Department is going to be well-manned,” he said.

Prof Abotsi went on to explain that notwithstanding the relative youth of Mr Dame, he is suitable and befitting of the position in both his professional and political standing, adding that the two deputies also come well-qualified and will appropriately complement Mr Dame’s efforts at the Ministry.

“Godfred Dame is senior. He is very senior at the Bar…Godfred Dame is way above the ten years (required to make one a senior at the Bar)…So in terms of his own technical and technocratic competencies as a lawyer, that is beyond doubt…And the other two: Mr Tuah Yeboah is also very senior, as I mentioned earlier; and Diana Asonaba Dapaah, invariably comes with the dynamism of youth and the energy and the leadership qualities that I mentioned earlier. In addition to that, she is female and I think it is imperative that the gender balance is represented,” he explained on Accra-based Joy Fmmonitored by

While Godfred Dame is already at the Ministry as Attorney-General and Minister of Justice, his Deputies are yet to be vetted and approved by Parliament so they can be sworn in as substantive deputies.

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