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Ghana’s system is working 24/7; no need to be fixed- Matilda Asare


Kumawood Actress Matilda Asare is arguing that there is nothing that needs fixing in Ghana because the system is in perfect condition.

According to her, Ghana is working perfectly in all sectors and there is the need for the government to be given a pat on the back for good work done.

She made this known when she appeared on United Showbiz monitored by

“Nana for me I see that there is nothing wrong in this country that needs to be fixed. Everything is working. You asked Kofi that what exactly do they want to be fixed but he could not say anything. What structures?

In Ghana if you murder someone won’t the government deal with you? When you commit a crime you’ll be arrested. There are laws in this country and until it catches up with you, you may think there are no laws. So if there is something specific they are calling to be fixed, they should name it. They can’t just say fix the country.”

She argued that Health sector workers are okay hence no strike, education sector to her has seen the best investments so far and teachers are in the classroom without strike; an indication that Ghana is working for the good of the people.

On the erratic power supply, Matilda Asare said she sees nothing wrong with the sector but just few challenges which is currently been resolved with schedules provided for affected areas.

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