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Ghana’s situation would have been worse if COVID-19 happened under Mahama


Vice President of IMANI Africa Kofi Bentil is of the view that even though times are hard in Ghana now, they cannot be better than what happened under John Dramani Mahama.

“I can say emphatically and I can defend my position that the circumstances now as bad as they may be are not as bad as they were and the despondency at the time was not the same level of despondency we have now.”

To him, Ghana was plunged into a mess by John Dramani Mahama that it appeared the country cannot be pushed out of the mess.

He indicated that if COVID-19 had happened under the NDC and John Dramani Mahama’s administration, the economic situation of the country would have been dire by now.

“Nobody will say that the present government have lived up to expectation. I don’t have any problem making that clear. You are measured according to the expectations you create and this government created very big expectation and they haven’t met it. But I will also say that the issues are not the same. Dumsor is threatening to come back.

The Dumsor we have now is not what we were facing. This is not what drove us onto the street. I can debate anybody on that. So the issues are similar but they are not the same. The cedis for instance has depreciated but I can tell you that any analyst will tell you that if you consider a number of things, there has been some relative stability of the cedi now than you had then.”

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