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Ghana’s politicians are like colonialists


Political Marketing expert Dr. Kobby Mensah has described Ghana’s politicians as colonialists who need to be fixed themselves.

According to him, they come to power just like the Europeans invaded African countries take what they want and pass the batton to the next to also continue from where they left off.

To him, politicians especially in Ghana do not have the people at heart; something he sees as worrying and also needs fixing as the country is clamouring for the system to be fixed.

He said “Our politicians are like the colonialists. They come, take what they can & pass on to another: from the Portuguese to Dutch to British and now from NDC to NPP to NDC to NPP in that order”.

The youth of the country are calling on the government to fix the system because life has become unbearable with the increase in prices and the rising standard of living.

They complain of the rising number of unemployed youth in the country, poor educational and health care system in the country among other things.

Source: 2021

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