Ghanaians Mock Prez Nana Addo After This Latest Video Of Him Went Viral

Some Ghanaians on Twitter are currently mocking the president, Nana Addo Dankwah Akufo-Addo.

This comes after a ‘worrying’ video of the president went viral on the popular micro-blogging platform.

In the said video, the president was struggling to use scissors to cut a ribbon that was used at an inauguration ceremony.

Watch the video below;

Here are some reactions from Ghanaians who have seen the video;

@sayhameed – it’s old age. Let’s not mock old age

@_quekuKetewa – When you are not ordained by God but by takashi

@richqkofi – This be the same way he dey manage the economy

@AdjeiGabriel8 – Take wonna money diet gari saaa make en eyes spoil

@PopeBlaq2 – no wo der he wanted to pay Madan Rebecca. in reality she is the one doing the work. nana is just the face

@OwusuX – I can see, the man no Dey see the government top

@niknickol – Watch the video again. Notice the camera captured the thin part of the tape? It means he had the largest part of the tape infront of him. He couldn’t see the large part of the tape to cut it. This shd alert everyone. U don’t need anymore evidence to see he is just ceremonial.

@AppeyN – So we are going to endure this for the next three and half years.

@bastianvanb – Ah naaa Nana Addo strong Pass this level, I sure say den he make fine small

@Undrewood46 – All joke aside his doctor should step up his work. The man needs a serious check up

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