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Ghana Paying $12 Million On Saglemi Project Every Month-Ayariga


He said millions of workers are looking for accommodation, irrespective of which party they belong to. This is not a political party project. This is a government of Ghana project, and we cannot allow it to rot, no matter the circumstances surrounding it,” he added.

Mr. Ayariga said he is very sad even though he has received numerous calls from the seat of government promising to fix it.

He reiterated his 30-day-ultimatum to have the buildings put to use or Ghanaians will hear from him.

Meanwhile, the Minister for Works and Housing Asenso Boakye has said that the Saglemi housing project is in a poor state due to corruption and lack of proper planning by politicians.

“In doing all that we intend to do, we also believe that there is a huge institutional gap in housing deliberation in this country. I don’t believe in putting housing development in the hands of politicians because I believe that it’s a technical job. The reason why you don’t put housing projects in the hands of politicians is to ensure that we can ensure continuity in addressing housing problems. If you are not lucky and find an unscrupulous politician in office, the end result is what we have at Saglemi.”

“Project failure is what you will experience, and it will not be properly thought through and the implementation will not go well and corruption will be the order of the day. That is all Saglemi is all about.”


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