The Member of Parliament for Wa West in the Upper West Region, Supt. Rtd. Peter Lanchene Toobu has said that Ghana lacks leadership.

To him, what’s missing in the country is authentic leadership that will transform the fortunes of the people.

“What is missing in Ghana is authentic leadership. Relevant leaderships. Leaders without capacity has brought us low to this level,” he said.

Speaking on the ongoing #fixthecountry movement which has had strong opposition from the government, he was shocked that government will be against such a movement.

“So Fix The Country, I ask myself what is it that we shouldn’t fix? Is that you buy your brand new car, you go to the Driver Vehicle Licensing Authority(DVLA), you hit the road because the vehicle is road worthy but the road is not car worthy. You have a road worthy car which is travelling on a road that is not car worthy and the kind of potholes you see. What is interesting is that you get to a toll booth, you pay the toll move and the first thing you hit is a big pothole right infront of the toll booth and when somebody tells you fix the country you say fix yourself. I should go fix the pothole?”

To him, in the current dispensation, integrity has been thrown to the dogs and therefore the government says things and does otherwise.

Source: 2021