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Gh Mouthpiece Strongly Condemns Counselor Lutterodt


Counsellor Lutterodt is very skilled at inciting people’s rage, but he is likely to regret this ability now that entertainer Gh mouthpiece has turned the tables on him.

While simultaneously humiliating Lutterodt and his wife, Gh Mouthpiece demonstrated to him that there are individuals in the world who are louder than he is.

As a result of their altercation on Onua TV on a recent episode of ‘Anigye Mmmr3′, the two loudmouths were ejected from the network.

Lutterodt had made an incendiary remark, as he often does when he said that the female v*gina is an organ that is utilized to relieve poverty in poor countries.

Given his position as Counsellor Lutterodt, it was hardly a contentious statement, yet the remark sparked an outburst from Gh spokesperson for whatever reason.

She slammed Lutterodt, claiming that he should not have made certain remarks on national television in her presence.

As a response, Lutterdot said that he has every right to speak what he has said due to the fact that he is just spitting information.

According to her, if that is Counsellor Lutterodt’s stance, then he is encouraging his spouse to go out there and sell her vagina for cash since everyone knows she is broke, she claims.

“Lutterodt has just granted his wife permission to go out there and sleep with guys because she has to relieve her poverty,” she said with confidence.

In his irritated state, Lutterodt didn’t know how to respond.

Watch the video below:


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