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GCE O’level dropouts like Adu Asare inside NDC is why it’s a ‘backward’ party


The Federation of NDC Caucus, a pressure group, has taken Kojo Adu Asare to the cleaners for describing Dr Benjamin Kumbuor in unsavory terms, stressing that Mr Adu Asare is a simpleton who has no locus running down Dr Kunbuor, a GCE O’level dropout a stalwart of the party, who has served with distinction.

In a statement dated April 24, 2021 and signed by convener of the group, Mr Danny Ampony, Mr Adu Asare is an opportunist who is bent attacking anyone who calls for accountability from the current leadership of the National Democratic Congress (NDC).

Dr Benjamin Kumbuor, a member of the Council of Elders of the NDC had called for accountability from the current leadership of the party, especially with respect to the 2020 General Elections. But Mr Adu Asare questioned his reasoning skills, wondering how a PhD holder could make such pronouncements.

Read full statement of the Federation of NDC Caucus below:

Public Statement By Federation of NDC Caucus

For Immediate Release

Saturday 24th April 2021


The political drama conditioned by the question of the urgent and necessary transformation of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) has unfortunately seen the exhumation of persons buried in the graveyards of political indolence; imbeciles released from obscurity as attack dogs on hardcore cadres who are genuinely concerned with the urgent task of party rebuilding.

The primary target of this reactive response has been on Dr. Benjamin Kumbuor former Minister of State and currently member of the Council of Elders of the NDC, in the fallout of the Cadre Conference dubbed “Securing the future of the NDC” of which he was a main speaker, held in Tema last weekend.

The forum was the most recent purposeful engagement that sought to interrogate the hapless situation of the NDC.

However, Mr. Kojo Adu Asare, a one-time Member of Parliament of Adenta has found opportunity to descend on Dr. Kumbuor in unprintable words.

This can be seen in the light of broader understanding of the desperation of political failures and crass opportunists to hinge on the John Mahama monolith, coupled with their willingness to swim against the tide of reason.

Kojo Adu Asare a GCE O’ Level school dropout has the nerve and effrontery to question the intellectual ability of one of the most formidable and experienced minds in the person of Dr. Benjamin Kumbuor.

Mr. Adu-Asare who could not even complete his wayside carpentry vocation ending up as a half-baked apprentice stated with reference to Dr. Kumbuor that “your PHD did not come with thinking and commonsense”, reported in all major news headlines.

Interesting, however, it must be asked: What has the under-intellectual development, inexperience and academic dwarfism of Adu Asare brought to the NDC?

The question must be placed squarely. How come despite the academic laurels of Dr. Kunbuor, which however grandiose, pales into insignificance his over five decade experience in frontline politics; his speeches and writings transforming him from an enlightened man into an institution and an asset to the NDC could , regrettably be run down by a SIMPLETON of the type of Mr. Kojo Adu Asare? 

This situation betrays a graver matter in direct and specific relation to the desperation of the John Mahama cult worshipers to recycle worn out materials into puppets on the national political space to derail any constructive effort of putting the NDC on its feet.

Mr. Adu Asare, a former New Patriot Party (NPP) die hard, sneaking into the fabric of the NDC to harvest the gains of power, clearly shows the correctness of the Tema Forum in its assertion that the NDC has lost its values, principles and direction.

The statement by Kojo Adu Asare can only remind us of the shelved Kwesi Botchwey  (KB) Report which explicitly states that the “intellectual base of the party is LOW”.

The full details of the KB report have not been released. In the same vain with regards to the illicit and abortive endeavor to create a “pink sheet” illusion at the Ho NDC NEC retreat, which can be described as the crudest political cover-up in the history of Ghana Politics.

The party has not got any collated results. The Supreme Court petition was a ruse to hide the incompetence of the ruling cabal styled as National Executive Officers, fortunate to have a spent force of one time Member of Parliament as its spokesman.

Mr. Kojo Adu Asare is a rented poster boy of greedy bastards, untrained minds and babies with sharp teeth and dull brains.

The JM agenda can only subsist on the denigration of the persons who hold to the core values of the NDC and the vision of its Founding Father Chairman Rawlings.

The Cadre Movement is the most historic and positive contribution to the politics of Ghana only second to the independence movement of the pre-colonial era.

Dr. Benjamin Kunbuor and his colleagues are a reincarnation of the flame and light of a better NDC which for now has become not only possible but also necessary.

When at a crucial point of national political and economic challenge the appointees of JM, foolishly busy schooling and attending classes and abandoning their duties.  Kojo Adu Asare should have also taken the opportunity to study carpentry at GIMPA.

Kojo Adu Asare the secondary school dropout, failed carpentry apprentice, rejected NPP foot soldier, political boot licker, one term Member of Parliament, has earned the unenvied reputation as one the many hungry flies around the dead goat.



Danny Ampony ( Convener – Federation of NDC Caucus

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