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From Prison To Parliament: Opposition Lawmaker Narrates Her Ordeal


Opposition lawmaker Nusrat Hanje has opened up about her ordeals in prison where she stayed for over four months before being released.

Ms Hanje, 30, was among 19 Chadema cadres, members and supporters who were arrested on July 6, 2020 and remained behind bars until November 23, 2020 when they were released after the government dropped its interest in continuing with the case.

They were charged with ‘adulteration’ of the national anthem.

“On the day I regained my freedom, the prison warders arrived at our cells at around 6:pm and informed us that we were free. They took us to the prison administration block where we were told the government had no interest in continuing with the case,” she said in an interview.

“That is not a good place for someone to be. I thank God for the release after an earlier failed attempt when we were released by the High Court in Dodoma on the prosecution’s technical errors in referring to a section of the law that was used when arresting us,” she added.

She said immediately after her release, they were re-arrested and recharged after including another suspect. She thanked God that prayers of Tanzanians were ultimately answered.


Source: Adomonline

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