Maverick politician, Kennedy Agyapong has expressed worry over the fact that Ghanaians and Africans, in general, use social media to destroy rather than make money to better their lives.

According to him, in America, the youth are leveraging on social media to make their lives better but in Ghana, the youth use the platform available to insult the elderly and destroy reputations.

He believes that the average Ghanaian youth is foolish hence do not see opportunities when they stare in their faces.

Citing an example of how social media has turned provided employment, Kennedy Agyapong indicated that the daughter of the former Director General of the Maritime Authority has daughter who is a trained Lawyer now sells baskets on social media.

He said she has ben able to grow her business just because of the power of social media and there is therefore the need for the youth to emulate such people and stop using the platforms available for just destroying people.

“If you look at how American kids are using social media to make money then you look at how Ghanaian youth are using it to destroy people, it’s devastating. People in the developed world are using social media positively but in Ghana, because the youth are fools, they use social media for needless things. It’s high time they learn to use social media to better themselves. Social Media has endless possibilities and there is the need to use it for the right things.”

Source: 2021