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FixTheCountry Movement addresses Economic Fighters League


FixTheCountry Movement says no exact incident has been cited by the Economic Fighters League (EFL) for its decision to break away from the group which remains a non-partisan platform.

According to the Movement, the attack on its reputation by its former fellow convenors has left members saddened since “no specificity was provided to allow us to understand fully what the issues are.”

On Monday, the Economic Fighters League announced its decision to quit the FixTheCountry Movement.

The League said its decision stems from the encroachment by persons with parochial interests on what began as a “brilliant, viral social media hashtag which simply captured exactly the demands of the Ghanaian youth disenchanted with the political governance system.”

The League announced that its next step is to make a parliamentary debut in the 2024 general elections.

In response, the Movement insists it is committed to mobilizing in a non-partisan manner.

Despite the “aspersions cast”, FixTheCountry Movement has noted that it is appreciative of the works it has accomplished with the League to mobilize Ghanaians to push the demand for a new constitution.

Adding that “we wish the EFL well in its new pursuits” and “we regret that our journey has ended prematurely.”

According to the Movement, it remains open to exploring opportunities that are towards building a “new Ghana based on patriotism, accountability and honesty.”

Meanwhile, FixTheCountry Movement has charged the youth in the country to either chart the path of the EFL, i.e. to contest for elections; or join the Movement for a new constitution as part of the democratic process to make Ghana a better place.

“#FixTheCountry will continue to invite all Ghanaians towards the greater goal of a new Ghana, which is not divided by partisanship or ethnicity,” it concluded.

Read full statement below:

EFL did not specify why they broke away - FixTheCountry Movement

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