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#FixTheCountry convenor backs salary, other emoluments for spouses of President, VP


Convenor of the #FixTheCountry campaign Felicity Nelson has asserted that the wives of the President and his Vice deserve to be paid by the state for the work they put in as spouses of these elected officials, insisting that the entitlement to the free labour of women must be eliminated forthwith.

Her assertion comes at a time many are outraged by the approval of salaries by Parliament for the spouses of the President and the Vice President.

While conceding that the manner of the approval of salaries for the spouses of the President and his vice is illegal, Ms Nelson maintains that the expectations that women must sacrifice for their spouses and families with monetary reward is untenable and that women ought to be paid for the official duties they perform on behalf of their husbands.

“I do not support the manner in which their remuneration was introduced and approved though ( it is an illegality)

There is no law backing this approval however it is still an important matter worth considering

Is there an equally important conversation to be had on how the offices of the First Ladies/ Second Ladies are funded?

Should we be scrutinizing the funds that they receive in their respective foundations? Absolutely!

However I am not having that conversation today, please have that conversation on your wall

I am a feminist so I will always look at issues through my feminist lens

We have an expectation that women must make sacrifices for their husbands/children, families and society without expecting any remuneration or reward beyond telling her to thank you,” he wrote on social media.

Meanwhile, the issue of the approval of salaries for the first and second ladies continues to be criticized by many, especially on social media.

Professor Saa Dittoh, a prominent Agricultural Economist and academic, described the payment as the insanity of the highest level and an armed robbery of the public purse.

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