Founder and Leader of New Jerusalem Chapel (NJC) Bishop J. Y Adu, has described people behind the famous social media campaign against the government dubbed “#FixTheCountry” as a bunch of jokers who do not take things into consideration before making criticisms.

“Everyone is talking about it (“#FixTheCountry”) and it looks as if they are joking. And they are also not thinking about the situation at hand. People are not thinking about the reality but rather all they say is fix it, fix it. What should government fix? What is necessary for the government to fix that is making you form a pressure group for fix the country campaign”.

According to the man of God, anyone who talks about the bad economy and hardship in the country must also take it into consideration to the fact that, the pandemic COVID 19 which brought the world to a total lockdown is making it difficult for governance.

Interestingly, President Nana Akufo Addo in the year 2009 chided the late President Atta Mils to fix the country saying, “I say to President Mills today, if you say the system is broke fix it…… excuses can never be a substitute for vision and purposeful action and can never lead to a better Ghana we were promised”. 

However, fix the country campaigners are not only demanding for jobs and infrastructural development alone, they are also calling on government to stop nepotism, corruption and illegal mining.

Some members of the opposition party National Democratic Congress (NDC) have also joined the campaign.

Meanwhile, images circulating on social media suggest that, armed police officers of the Ghana Police Service on Sunday May 9 gathered at the independent square with hot water prepared to do everything to prevent the conveners from embarking on such historic campaign. The campaign has since been characterized with mainly the youths leading with few political actors.

Conveners however took to campaign to social media swerving the police in their attempt to stop them. 

This is the first time in the fourth Republic the youth engineered campaigned against government has seen a massive support mostly on social media. The campaign Hashtag #fixthecountry has been trending for the past weeks in the country and has also received recognition by the international media.

Source: / Syxtus Eshun / 2020