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#FixTheCountry: Be civil in your demands from gov’t


Ghanaians demanding the country must be fixed in a campaign dubbed #FixTheCounty have been advised to exercise decorum and civility in demanding rightful things from the government.

The comment by Executive Secretary of the National Peace Council (NPC), George Amoh was in response to the demand by a section of Ghanaians for government to fix the country.

Mr. Amoh opined that “Every government is elected to do the wishes of the people who elected them, and I think that even if you want peace, you will need to ensure structural issues are addressed. The issues that I have heard are all related to structural issues, people need jobs, people are getting poor.

He further stated that “I think that government is there to fix the problems it is the method sometimes we use in getting some of our demands across that sometimes make things a bit unfortunate.

Mr. Amoh has therefore called on agitated Ghanaians to exercise restrain  and pass through the rightful procedure in getting their concerns addressed.

“Let us use laid down procedures, let us be civil in our demands and the duty bearers have the responsibility to also ensure that our needs are met. So it is a cooperative relationship between the people and the elected class and so let us work in that spirit and that is how societies develop. There is no society that will develop without these kinds of demands, they should come, from time to time they are expected but let us use moderation, let us use civility in asking for the demands we so much rightly require” he said in an interview on A1 Radio monitored by


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