Fix Your votes and stop calling for ‘revolution’ out of ignorance

Popular journalist with Despite Media Group Afia Pokua VIM Lady has asked Ghanaians to fix their voting style instead of lamenting and wishing for a revolution.

According to her, fixing a vote for NPP or NDC will fix the country as the two have dominated Ghanaian politics for too long.

“If Ghana is not working for you, fix your vote. NPP and NDC did not get up to just go to Jubilee House just like that. They have dominated us in the fourth republic.” she said on Gyaso Gyaso on Okay FM monitored by

She advised the youth to stop calling for a revolution.

“You have been voting for them. Now it is paining you? You finished voting and it is paining you now? You have finished voting for a government, push the government to work. Never ever wish for a revolution. If you read history as I have read it, you wont say that. I have read the history and as a student journalist I sat at National Reconciliation Commission [NRC] I saw it. Someone who was given enema with gunpowder and pepper. She has never been able to give birth till date.” she explained.

“Why because she went to sell her goods [above] control [price]. Today you sell your things in Makola freely. You sit on Instagram selling freely. No one has taken your goods you have the right to sell at any price. Under revolution you cant do these things.” she added.


The facts are there Prof Ken Attefuah is alive to confirm. The files from the NRC are there. You can go and read it. The problem with Ghanaian youth is that you don’t read. When they write English on WhatsApp don’t you see? “You” then they write ‘U’. We don’t want to read! We must read and be careful about what we are wishing for.