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First batch of ‘Twa w’anum na kɔ Spain’ promo winners rewarded


Promo winners

GB Foods Ghana, one of the leading FMCG companies in Ghana and manufacturers of Gino and Pomo range of products, has rewarded the first batch of winners in the “Twa w’anum na kɔ Spain promo” in Accra.

These prizes were given after the 1st two weeks ranking of consumers with the highest points.

Promo winners

Prosper Adzokatse, 19, emerged tops with the prize of an all-expense-paid trip to Barcelona – Spain. Mr Adzokatse has the added benefit of going on his trip with one more person of his choice.

Speaking at the awards ceremony, the Managing Director of GB Foods Ghana, David Afflu said, “the Twa w’anum na kɔ Spain promotion is the business way of showing its deep appreciation to consumers, nine (9) more winners will win all-expense paid trips to Spain (with their partners) and thousands more will receive other prices”.

An additional 156 persons received prizes such as flat-screen TVs, smartphones, gas cookers, blenders, and original La Liga jerseys with over (3,000 consumers winning airtime).

Prosper Adzokatse, expressed surprise and gratitude to GB Foods Ghana for the promotion. He said, “I am grateful to have won, indeed I was surprised but today I have received full confirmation”. Prosper also encouraged all to take the promo seriously as it is real. These rewards are happening across the country.

Promo winners

The Marketing Director for GB Foods Ghana, Akua Obiri-Yeboah said, “In the coming weeks, winners in the other regions across the country would be presented with their prizes. The promo ends in January 2022 and will see a total of 10 people and their partners would be rewarded with an all-expenses-paid trip to Spain. We encourage everyone to participate in order to win any of the over 18,000 exciting prizes on offer”.

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