Find better ways of addressing elders in society

Paramount chief of Tepa Traditional Area, Nana Adusei Atwenewaa Ampem has advised the youth of Ghana to find better ways to voice out their displeasure at issues rather than using social media to attack their leaders.

His comment comes on the back of Twene Jonas’ insult of Chiefs who are involved in the galamsey menace which has affected the country’s water bodies and forest reserves adversely.

Nana Adusei Atwenewaa Ampem said “If somethings are not right and as a young man you think it’s not the right thing to do, you can find a way of making the leaders know. If you can’t go straight to the Chief, you can write a petition to the chief telling him how the challenges can be addressed.

If you go on social media and use that opportunity to insult the Chiefs, then it is very worrying because it does not show respect. So I will advise the youth to find better ways of addressing Chiefs and elders in society. “

Nana Adusei Atwenewaa Ampem said contrary to the perception that Chiefs are not approachable, Chief open their arms to their subjects and accept criticisms and suggestions brought before them by their subjects and pick the right ones which are implemented for the development of their towns.

He said the current generation should ensure that they bequeath good morals to the next generation.

Source: 2021