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Female Pastor Who Gave Her Breast to Members to Suck is Actually Not A Pastor


We published a story that went viral yesterday (May 1, 2021) and our attenti on has been drawn to some new development we want to bring to your attention.

A fragment of the first story as published by, reads;

“The bad impression some people have about religion has been reinforced after another layer of buffoonery was added to the ever growing dissidence.

In this viral video which we have laid our hands on, an alleged female pastor purported to be a Ghanaian is seen giving members her breast to suck as part of a healing and revival retreat in Ghana.

The pastor could be seen in the video offering her breast to a male church member to suck for a miracle, as she reportedly referred to it as holy milk. The unidentified male congregant who had the chance to milk on the pastor’s relatively small breast could not stop sucking as he probably got sexually aroused and held on tightly to her waist in the process.”

However, upon further investigation, we have realized the woman is not a pastor after all and the setting is not of a church. Apparently, it’s a random lady who dared a male to suck her breast during an outdoor event.

Probably under the influence of alcohol, the lady proceeded to remove her breast for the male ‘challenger’ who ‘went all out’ to munch on her breast right in the full glare of the public who cheered them on. We still don’t know who this lady is or which country this bizarre spectacle was recorded.

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience the first publication brought to the religious zealots.


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