Senior sister of disputable social media commentator Twene Jonas, has responded to the viral family photographs of them as she also calls out Ghanaian leaders for obliterating the water bodies.

A couple of days ago, some family photographs of Twene Jonas surfaced on social media soon after he was purportedly reviled by Bechem Traditional Council for offending the chiefs.

In a portion of the photographs, he posed with his wonderful siblings and a lady who could be his mom or aunt.

Then, in another post chanced on by our outfit, a young lady revealed herself as the senior sister Twene Jonas. According to her, Twene Jonas is her younger sibling and those photos were taken in a matter of days before he made a trip to the US.

She further plunged on the lawmakers for obliterating the water bodies in the nation actually like her sibling continues to say in pretty much each and every video he releases adding, that reality will consistently overcome lies.

This is what she had to say;

”Yea Twene Jonas is my little brother. Pictures taken shortly before he relocated to the United State where he calls ”Heaven on Earth” Glass Nkwoa. Truth will always defat lies. Forces of Nature will always defeat forces of darkness. Keep our River Bodies and our Land clean the way our ancestors gave it to us.”

Checkout the screenshot below;

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