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Efia Odo Catches The ‘Eye’ Of BBC With #FixTheCountry Protest


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Efia Odo has been constant in bashing the government and and the ‘bad’ leadership according to her in the country over the current state of the country and how the people of Ghana are struggling to to have access to some basic social amenities.

For the past 6 days, she and some fellow social media influencers has been using the #FixTheCountry hashtag on the various social media platforms to express their grievances to the government and the leadership in the country about their inability to provide some basic needs of the people like schools, portable drinking water, good road network, employment for the youth, among others.

In the interview with BBC Africa, Efia Odo expressed how disappointing and frustrating it is to see school kids sitting on the floor to learn under a tree in this modern world referring to a news report by GhOne television where some school kids were seen sitting on the floor and writing in the sand during learning sessions.

She quizzed whether the leaders of this country will be happy to see their own kids going through such situations.

Efia Odo caption the interview on his verified Instagram page;

Please tag those who say we should fix ourselves so they can see if fixing ourselves will create better learning environments for these children. Please ask them if they would ever allow their children to learn in this inhumane conditions. We will fix ourselves when our leaders fix themselves first, when our leaders fix their mind and make Ghana and Ghanaians their number one priority! #fixthecountry
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Thank you @bbcafrica for highlighting the issues in Ghana
Thank you @ghonenews@ghonetv

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