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Education and Health sector workers suffering but can’t speak out- Gyampo


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Senior Lecturer at the Univerity of Ghana Prof. Ransford Gyampo has noted that the discussion on culture of silence creeping in should be holistic.

According to him, he believes critical voices against the Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo’s government have not been gagged from expressing their critical opinions.

However, he indicates that in some government agencies and Ministries, the culture of silence is creeping in and people who work under such agencies and Ministries although have challenges cannot voice their grievances.

He made mention of the Health and Education Ministry where individuals who spill their challenges are transferred to remote areas in the country as punishment for voicing their challenges to the world.

Recalling his encounter with a Doctor who privately complained about the challenges at the facility he he works at he said “But it is also true that apart from the political sector, our educational, health and other social sectors continue to be plagued with some vestiges of culture of silence. Many medical practitioners refuse to talk about the plight confronting medical care in Ghana. I met a Medical Superintendent at a hospital who narrated very harrowing challenges of his hospital to me.

I asked a media guy to put a camera on him so we could record what he had told me off-camera. Once the camera was turned on, he turned around to rather shower praises on the Ministry of Health in a manner than forced me to cut the recording. When I asked why he did what he did, he retorted “Do you want me to be transferred?”. Similar things happen in almost all the educational institutions, particularly at the SHS level, where teachers and head teachers keep complaining about challenges of the free SHS system and yet plead anonymity for the fear of being transferred to some remote villages. These are clear cases of manifestation of the culture of silence, which never existed”.

Source: 2021

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