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Drama As Shatta Wale Orders Nima Boys To Beat Up Construction Workers


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Shatta Wale has reportedly let ‘his Nima Thugs’ loose on construction workers who did not allow him pass.

In an Instagram clip that has since gone viral, Shatta Wale was seen visibly angry at the construction workers before his Nima boys were seen beating up one of them.

Apparently, the workers would not allow him access to the road because it would disrupt the work that they had been doing.

The road had been previously blocked to commuters as it was under construction but Shatta Wale did not want to go the way of the normal citizen.

Although it cannot be confirmed whether it was Shatta Wale who verbally ordered the hit but it is understood that the boys would not have attacked anyone if not for Shatta Wale.

Watch the video of the attack below.


In an earlier development, Shatta Wale had announced that he will be addressing the nation on the state of the industry in Ghana.

According to the announcement on his Instagram page, the event will be a virtual event and it will take place on Wednesday, June 2.

He captioned the announcement:

“Make a date #HYLYF #GOG”

It is now unknown how this most recent development will affect his plans as no one will want to listen to him if his aims are to disrupt construction works going on in the country.

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