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Drama As Prison Officer And Inmate Fight Over Chicken


Drama As Prison Officer And Inmate Fight Over Chicken


The prison officer Vimbai Makotsa (Photo Credit: H-Metro)

There was drama on Saturday at Chikurubi Maximum Prison after a prison officer and an inmate were at each other’s necks in a row over chicken.

The furore attracted visitors at Chikurubi Female Prison where prison officer Vimbai Makotsa went to the prison expecting to receive money for a chicken she sold to an inmate, Ever Matumaini.

Narrating what happened to a local tabloid, Makotsa said Matumaini begged her for a chicken and in sympathy, considering that she is a foreigner, she agreed after she promised to pay when her son visited her.

Matumaini is a Democratic Republic of Congo national who is incarcerated and has been waiting for her trial to be completed for two years.

Makotsa said on the day of the incident, when she saw Matumaini’s son  Amani Noria visit her she saw that as an opportunity for her to recover the money Matumaini owed her.

The inmate Ever Matumaini with her son Amani Noria

An altercation ensued as Makotsa demanded that Matumaini pay back her dues. Makotsa, who had a baby strapped on her back, who was so eager to recover her dues exchanged harsh words with Matumaini, with the latter getting angry that she also shouted back in her mother tongue.

In an effort to stop the row, Noria offered Makotsa US$20 but she told him she had no change. Alternatively, Noria asked her to give him,  her Ecocash number and promised to pay her later, but she kept on insulting his mother.

Matumaini, through her son Noria, said Makotsa spoiled her day considering that it had been long since she got a visitor.

Meanwhile, Makotsa claims she regrets becoming angry when Matumaini refused to pay her.  She added that for the sake of her job she has decided to let it go.

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