Reports reaching our desk has it that the CEO of ABN enterprise and Adonko group of companies, Dr. Kwaku Oteng has gone back to his 4th wife Akua Amoakowoah to beg her for a come back.

According to our source the rich man didn’t end at just begging but he added a new house and a new car as a form of compensation to Akua. It is said that Stacey Amoateng might lose her job now that Akua is back in the life of Dr. Kwaku Oteng.

Recall that months ago Stacey Amoateng was accused and heavily trolled on social media for being the master mind behind Dr. Kwaku Oteng and his wife’s breakup. Gossip mongers claimed that Stacey did that because she wanted the position Akua occupied at GMB.

Well things seems to be taking a different direction now.