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Dr Apaak ‘exposes’ Abu Jinapor on Rosewood harvesting


Member of Parliament (MP) for Builsa South Dr. Clement Apaak has lashed out at the Ministry of Lands and Natural Resources for failing to prevent the illegal harvesting and export of rosewood, wondering how the ministry can succeed at greening the country when it continues to be complicit in the illegal activities of harvesting and export of protected rosewood.

Mr Apaak revealed that while the ban on the harvesting of rosewood continues to be in force, and even as the Lands and Natural Resources Minister Samuel Abu Jinapor embarks on a mission to green the country through the planting of trees, rosewood, a tree key to the vegetative cover of the Savannah ecological, continues to be illegal harvested and exported with the direct or indirect involvement of the powers tasked to enforce the ban on the harvesting and export of the much valued rosewood. 

“Even as the new Minister for Lands and Natural Resources seems poised to lead the effort to Green Ghana, the Illegal rosewood trade continues. How can Ghana be greened when officials and institutions are directly or indirectly through their complicity de-greening Ghana?” Dr Apaak quizzed.

He noted that “On Friday 25th June 2021, [when] the Minister for Lands and Natural Resources, Hon. Abu Jinapor, appeared before the Public Accounts Committee of Parliament with a team from his Ministry to answer to infractions made against his Ministry in the Auditor Generals report on MDAs for the year ending December 2017”, he asked the Minister  “why after 5 years of a reinforced ban on the harvesting, transportation and export of rosewood, the Illegal rosewood trade continues, and whether:

a) He will consider giving effect to the recommendations by the Benito Committee report, which was in reaction to the US based Environmental Intelligence Agency (EIA) report, which alleged official complicity and the role of ruling party officials in the illegal trade and;

b) If he will implement recommendations of the Parliamentary Committee on Lands and Forestry on the illegal harvesting and export of Rosewood, especially, a halt in the issuance of salvage permits.”

He then stressed that on “the same day, as a trusted source later alerted me, developments at the Tema Port confirmed that the outrageous illegal trade was rife in spite of denials by officialdom, as many already know.”

Dr Apaak has been an untiring advocate against the harvesting and export of rosewood. Notwithstanding, the banned activities continue, even as government makes the effort to reverse the effects of deforestation throughout the country.

The Minister  of Lands and Natural Resources, Samuel Abu Jinapor recently launched the Green Ghana Project aimed at planting some five million trees throughout the country as the country loses its vegetative cover.

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