Don’t Add Stress To Your Soul, Calm Down And Seek Clarity — Actress, Beverly Osu Advises Clout Chasers

Taking to her Instagram story, Beverly Osu lamented over how clout addiction is spreading fast yet people are forgetting the fact that they have a lifetime to discover a lot and grow as you learn and she wondered what this generation is really up to.

She claimed that she does not do things for applause but does things that makes her soul excited and give her fulfilment, however, she furthered that she does not know it all but inner peace is key because just like her, everyone has personal battles.

The script-interpreter advised her fans and colleagues not to add more stress to their soul just because of misplaced priorities and pressure from the world that do not care about your wellbeing. Beverly Osu urged fans to calm down and ask God for clarity in this new month.

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Reacting to her post,

@thriftbynosen wrote;

Especially the ones that get shocked at their own gifts they bought for themselves 😂😂😂.. 
some cry, some start writing sermons..
If that’s not clout, dunno what it is though..

@east.vendor.finder wrote;

What if the clout makes the soul happy that’s why they do it? Asking for a friend

@frankmethodman wrote;

Seriously if this person is saying this then there’s no gain in social media clout,she was a member of the clout board of directors .

@esmeral_of_calabar wrote;

Call Anita’s name if you want to talk and you’re chasing clout too with this advise

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