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DJ Bobby O’Jay Children: Who Are His Six Kids?


Bobby O’Jay was a famous radio personality who graced the airways for over 40 years. He was also known as the “King of Memphis Radio”. Known for his industrious work, Bobby finally rested at the age of 68 years. In this post, we will look at DJ O’Jay Children and the legacy he left behind.

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DJ Bobby O’Jay’s Children: Where Are They Now?

Bobby was reportedly married twice. First to Sharon but she died in 2017. In order to quench his loneliness, he remarried again to Kim Ojayrleda in 2020. He had no child with her before dying. However, with Sharon, Bobby had 6 children. They are

  1. Kacey
  2. Chandi
  3. Bonita
  4. Joey
  5. Joshua
  6. Nicholas

DJ Bobby O’jay’s Cause of Death

Bobby had returned to work as usual and had phone lines open with music playing in the background around 9 am. Listeners were ready to get enlightened as usual when his voice did not return again. It was later announced by his family of his dismissed. His real cause of death is still not made public.

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