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Danger looms over fragile health system at Yuni


Residents at Yuni in the Kumbungu District of the Northern Region are struggling for health centres coupled with difficulties in transporting sick persons to the nearest hospitals due to their deplorable roads.

Adom News correspondent Illiasu Abdul on a visit to the community with about 2,000 people observed the sandy nature of roads has made them inaccessible.

Motorcycles, which are the main source of transportation, cannot ply the roads from Yuni to Tibungu and Bontanga where residents visit for healthcare.

Speaking in an interview, some residents stated the current condition of their roads poses threat to their lives.

“When a pregnant woman is due for labour, we can barely get out of here and the situation is even worse during the rainy season as the road becomes completely unmotorable,” a resident, Alhassan sadly said.

The Chief of Yuni, Naa Suleimana Nayi, shedding light on their plight, said two pregnant women in labour had to be pushed on motorbikes to Tibungu for delivery.

He has, therefore, called on the authorities in the district to help fix the roads to aid free movement in the area.

Some residents also described the situation as a matter of urgency and appealed to the government and Non-Governmental Organisations to come to their aid.

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