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D-Black Finally Opens Up On ‘Chopping’ S3fa And Nina Richie


Rapper and business magnate, D-Black has finally opened up on wild speculations which have often dominated the grapevine that he’s warming the bed of two of his female signees.


Of course, if you have two sexy and sensual dripping artistes in the shape of Nina Richie and S3fa (the latter has one of the hottest songs in Ghana now), signed to your record label, rumours like this are inevitable.

While sharing his opinion about male managers who request for sex from budding female artistes before extending any help to them, the rapper whose real name is Desmond Blackmore told Prince Benjamin on Class 91.3FM’s Class Drive show that he’s not the type who move along that tangent.


“I’m one of the few people that believe in supporting talents without expecting s3x in return. I don’t care about that”.

“Once I believe in your talent, that’s step one. Step two is your drive and dedication. If you see me start working with a female artiste and I stop, it’s because their drive and dedication aren’t more than mine. You have to be more driven and dedicated and hungrier for this than I am”.

SOURCE: www.Ghgossip.com

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