A young man has backed out of a relationship after he saw a cucumber with a condom on in his girlfriend’s wardrobe.

The guy went to his girlfriend’s house to spend the night where got the shock of his life after he found the cucumber in the condom in the wardrobe of her girlfriend accidentally in a video SoireeNews chanced upon. According to him, he saw a vibrator in her room the other time he visited when he sort to find out what she was using it for, she told him she used it to massage, and now this?

According to the guy, for some time now they’ve had some sexual challenges of which the lady has been complaining anytime they have sexual intercourse so he wants to know if that has caused the lady to get herself sex tools that would satisfy her. The Lady revealed she didn’t use the cucumber for any naughty act.

The landlady of the house who entered the room to find out why there was so much noise coming from their room saw the cucumber in condom said she will soon pack her out of the house because she doesn’t want the girl to “spoil” the small children in the house. She claims that’s the best decision since she doesn’t want the kids to learn such a shameful act.

According to research done some time ago, the purchase of cucumber by young ladies has been on the rise, and the way the ladies describe the kind of cucumber they want is alarming. Some ladies claim they’re not satisfied enough by their boyfriends so since the cucumber is shaped in the form of “manhood”, they turn to that for their satisfaction.

I therefore ask, is that the way to go? Share your thoughts.

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