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Corruption Scandal, Sexual Orgies Allegation Hits NDC Communication Team; Yayra Koku Fingered


A series of allegations are flying around in the camp of the opposition National Democratic Congress over an alleged cash that was supposed to have been shared among social media communication team of the party.

The principal actor mentioned was NDC social media person Yayra Koku who has since denied ever receiving any money from anybody for NDC social media team, calling the allegation “nkwasiasem”, and questioning those making the allegation as to who made them members of NDC social media team

He wrote: “At the mention of social media leadership p3, some idiots whose mindset is all about money thinks that someone was given money to coordinate them—such an Acidic mindset.

The self-acclaimed NDC social media guys running their mouths on Facebook should mention the name of the person who gave the leadership money to be given to them. Go and ask NCO if he gave money to anyone. Nkwasiasem nkoaaaaaaa.By the way, who even appointed them as social media commentators of the party? I tot we are all doing voluntary work.”

Reacting to this, other active NDC social media users Dukor Mevi, Emelia Bansa and others opened some keys about happenings in the NDC.

According to Emelia Bansah, instead of campaigning, people like NDC’s Yayra were engaged in orgies and chopping ladies.

Tweaaakaiii when men with balls and intelligence were busy doing what will fetch victory, you were doing atopa!! Nyem sheeeeeje

Those who can’t zip up their pants wants to insult others? Saaa?

Show me the results!! Mr IT maen 😂😂😂 go campaign and you people went forking one lady . Sex orgy?? Boi33

The names are officially Out!
No wonder some comrades I have a lot of respect for kept quite about the issue.
👁️👂are on every corner

“Yayra Koku you again? You can’t chop the party IT money run up to 2020 general elections and establish party collation room like Binduri internet Cafe and yet to tell your party the collated results and still want to chop party social media communicators money in addition.” One of them wrote.

Source: MyNewsGh.com

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