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Christian Council queries Akufo-Addo for starting Zongo Dev’t Fund for Muslims as against ‘Christian majority’


The Christian Council of Ghana and the Scripture Union Mother body of Ghana are questioning President Akufo-Addo’s decision to establish the erstwhile Zongo Ministry and now the Zongo Development Fund which they say is an agenda to promote Islam and Muslim Affairs in Ghana. 

This is according to the Vice President of the Christian Council of Ghana who is also on the National Advisory Council of the Scripture Union (SU) of Ghana Dr. Samuel Ofori Onwuna who recorded a 13 minute audio in reaction to recent developments on Wesley Girls SHS.

According to him, it appears to the Christian Council that President Akufo-Addo is promoting Muslim affairs in various forms but the fact the Christian clergy are quiet doesn’t mean they don’t take notice of it. 

“You’re going too far President Akufo-Addo… When you establish the Zongo Development fund and ministry for them we didn’t talk, is not that we didn’t see. Now because we didn’t talk you are going far. You’re going too far. It is an agenda and we the Christian majority will not agree.” He said

The Vice President of the Council said what he is saying is the view of the President of the Christian Council, warning Akufo-Addo that such pro-Islam moves have electoral consequences for the New Patriotic Party. 

“After the battle is the Lord’s, now it is this agenda”, he added.

The comments of Rev Dr. Onwona comes on the back of Wesley Girls SHS authorities preventing Muslim students from praying or fasting in their school. 

The GES had issued a directive to the school to allow the Muslims but the Methodist Church said the school won’t abide by the order.

Rev. Dr. Samuel Ofori Onwona in his reaction also intimated that the leadership of the Mission Schools in the country are working towards taking full control of the schools from the Ghana Government.

Source: MyNewsGh.com/2021

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