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Chopping Your Wife’s Anus But Condemning LGBTQI Is ‘naked’ Hypocrisy – Afia Pokuaa Vim Lady


Celebrated Ghanaian Television and Radio personality Afia Pokuaa popularly known in the media circles as Vim Lady has chided critics of LGBTQI+.

According to the Broadcast Journalist, the debate on LGBTQI+ activities need a holistic approach.


To her, the argument of it being a since does not hold water when people who are against the act are sodomizing their wives, beating them and also not treating them right.

Afia Pokuaa believes that if LGBTQI+ is condemned. all such acts should also be condemned and nipped in the bud.

“Just this week a woman came to me saying her husband is sodomizing her in the house because he says her vagina is now bigger but this same man will condemn LGBTQI+ but is sodomizing his wife back at home. He’s doing worse than gays, you are abusing a woman in your house. A number of people are making noise but these people are sleeping with underaged girls. They are the cause of the rise of slay queen business in Ghana but they speak up against LGBTQI+,” she said on Accra-based Okay FM.

She continued “…Yes morally it’s wrong but the bible said we should take the lump off your eyes before you do that of others. You don’t beat your wife, shirk your responsibility as a father, send your girlfriends to Dubai while your family is struggling but condemn LGBTQI+. Don’t be sodomizing women and come and sit here saying that LGBTQI+ is a sin. You should all stop because they are all haram”.


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