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Choirmaster Goes On A Massive Panty Shopping For His Beloved Wife ‘Beverly Afaglo’ – Pinax News

- earlier reported that Ghanaian entertainer ‘Beverly Afaglo’ has been left in tears after breaking the news that fire has gutted her home and burnt down every single item into ashes.

In a progression of recordings shared on her Instagram page, Beverly communicated her frustration at the fire service faulting them for her loss. As per the actress, the fire service got to her home on schedule yet unusually remained there watching it catch fire since they were not ready.

Beverly added that for over 40mins the fire men couldn’t go inside the house to extinguish the fire due to the substantial smoke which made her can’t help thinking about why they don’t have defensive cog wheels for smoke.

She took to her Instagram page and shared videos narrative exactly what happened and how she lost everything with saying; ”My house burnt down to ashes within 4hrs …… Everything gone, my passports,clothes,shoes,bags,wigs,jewelry,perfumes, my furniture, my kitchen everything gone  My kids room and all their clothes everything is gone.I’m left with what I wore out that’s all. Thank God there are no casualties but where do I start from? 

She further added; The fire service got in on time but over 40mins they couldnt go inside because of the heavy smoke (I was wondering why they don’t have protective gears for smoke.Why are they not well equipped  gosh) they stood there deliberating and another came and that was the worse, they had to use a generator but it couldn’t start which also took awhile, then another came which went thru a nieghbours house to the back of the house and started putting off the fire but it was too late My mum, the kids nanny,the kids and I are all left with nothing 
This country let’s stop doing partisan politics and set our priorities right and stop the misplaced priorities. Ghana hmmmmmm”.

Well guess what, Choirmaster, the spouse of entertainer Beverly Afaglo has hit the shopping centers of America looking for the hottest underwear for his significant other who lost her clothes and other ‘akutuments’ in a fire related accident fiasco.

Choirmaster took to his official Instagram page and shared a video of himself at a shop asking his female followers to assist him with picking the best for his beloved wife.

Choirmaster took to his Instagram page and shared the video with caption;

”Making Sure I restore My Favorite Underwears 😉😉😉😉🙈🙈🙈

Ladieeeeeeees! I need Your HeLP”

Checkout the video below;

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