Checkout The Shocking And Sad Thing That Was Done To Two Pickpockets Who Tried Stealing From An ‘Alert’ Young Man at Circle

A viral video which has been chanced on by our outfit captures the moment 2 alleged pickpockets were nabbed in an attempt to steal from an alerted young man who was going about his business.

According to report, the two young men having been operating in and around circle for quite sometime now but got unlucky yesterday May 24, 2021 whiles trying to steal from a very observant man.

The young man upon realizing what was going on around him blew the alarm and called for help. The young men who were going about their business paused for a while and dealt with the pickpockets as they have been tarnishing their image around circle.

A police officer later intervened and later took the two culprits to the police station for further questioning.

Checkout the video below;