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Chaos In Police Cells As Randy Man Molests Fellow Inmates Arrested For Violating Curfew


Randy Man Molests Fellow Inmates Arrested For Violating Curfew

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There was chaos at the police holding cells in Bulawayo after three men who were in police custody were sexually molested by a fellow inmate.

iHarare has learned that three victims as well as their alleged molester were all arrested on Sunday night for violating Covid-19 regulations. Xolisani Mabhena (29), Mthokozisi Ndlovu (30), Ernest Emmanuel (33) and Tapiwa Makuyana were detained at Bulawayo Central Police Station after they were arrested for violating the 10 pm curfew.

Xolisani is alleged to have taken full advantage of the confines of the police cells to try to satiate his desires by molesting his fellow inmates. Mthokozisi was the first to be molested after he went to the toilet to relieve himself.

While he was busy doing his business, Xolisani is alleged to have stealthily approached him and grabbed his manhood. After a shocked Mthokozisi screamed, Xolisani slipped away and went into his blankets.

However, Xolisani was not done. At around 3 am, he allegedly crept next to Emmanuel who was in a deep slumber and unzipped his trousers. He then released Emmanuel’s manhood and started caressing it.

This roused Emmanuel from his slumber. He woke up and shouted at Xolisani before pushing him away.

A few minutes later, Xolisani then focused his attention on Tapiwa who was still sleeping. A source privy to the investigation told B-Metro,

“He opened Tapiwa’s trousers’ zip and fondled his testicles. Tapiwa woke up and asked him why he was doing that, but he couldn’t respond and pretended as if he was sleeping,”

After daybreak, the three victims of Xolisani’s shenanigans confided in each other over what had happened during the night, only to realise that all three had been molested. They then pressed charges against him.

Xolisani was arrested and charged with indecent assault. The arrest was confirmed by Bulawayo deputy police spokesperson Assistant Inspector Nomalanga Msebele who told the publication,

“I can confirm that we arrested a man for indecent assault after he touched three men’s genitals. The suspect and the complainants had been arrested for violating Covid-19 regulations.”

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