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‘Cars Nkoaa’ for Ghana’s ‘auto-crats’ – CDD boss laments MPs’ new V8 loan every 4years


Executive Director of the Ghana Centre for Democratic Development (CDD-Ghana) Prof. Henry Kwesi Prempeh has described Members of Parliament (MPs) as auto-crats who are about to engage in their four-year ritual of purchasing expensive cars following news that the Ministry of Finance has tabled a loan before Parliament for approval for the purposes of purchasing cars for MPs.

All 275 members of Parliament will be allocated a tidy amount when the loan is approved to enable them to purchase luxury vehicles, usually Toyota SUVs, for the execution of their duties.

But the announcement has been met with much criticism for sections of the public. “The Auto-crats are back with their four-year ritual. Government of politicians by politicians for politicians. Cars nkoaaa,” Prof Prempeh noted.

Many others, especially on social media, have called out the Government and the MPs for the plans to use a loan to purchase luxury vehicles at a time the economy is faced with many challenges.

The loan of $ 28 million will be sourced from the National Development Bank(NIB) and disbursed to the MPs for the purchase of the cars. The MPs will repay the loan within the four-year period of their tenure as MPs for the 8th Parliament.


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