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Captain Smart Speaks After Being ‘Sacked’ On Air


Media personality Captain Smart has finally open up about being ‘sacked’ on air over a comment he made about the government in relation to fixing the country.

According to him, we have a failed country if we have a failed media and the media has failed us hence the country is a failed on while reacting to being sacked on air over a comment he made about the ruling government.

Captain Smart talking about being sacked confirmed that his boss called him asking him to step down for a while for things to cool down as his comment has created heat in the atmosphere and he’s been called over it.

Captain Smart who was criticizing the government for not doing better than the previous government ended up being sacked or suspended by his boss who happens to be a member of the ruling party asking him to stay home for a while before coming back on air.

We Ghanaians are our own problem and just as Captain Smart pointed out we have failed as a country because the media has failed us as almost all the media houses are politically affiliated to a political party in the country and it makes it hard for the government to be criticized.

Video below;

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