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Captain Smart bought 14 air-conditioners from me on credit- Ken Agyapong


Maverick politician, Kennedy Agyapong has taken his fight to Broadcast Journalist Captain Godsbrain Blessed Smart over recent comments about excessive borrowing by the current administration.

According to him, any person seeking equity must approach same with clean hands wondering why the outspoken Morning Show Host of Angel Fm has himself refused to settle his indebtedness to companies including that of his(Kennedy Agyapong).

“Captain Smart, how many air conditioners did you buy on credit from me on credit? 14 air conditioners. Captain Smart, what is your level of education, what successful life have you lived that you will build a house and install 14 air conditioners?

“Captain Smart should speak well. This is the last time I am telling him: I don’t mind because he makes a lot of sense and the NPP must listen to him. But today he committed a blunder when I was listening to him. Captain Smart, you came for my air-condition three years ago and up till now, you owe GHC10.000. So, what moral right do you have even to criticize somebody that they don’t pay back their loans?”
‘Go to Super K. and Pay. I called my engineer today to find out if Captain Smart has settled his debt. You still owe GHC10.000 three years now. But you are out there bragging that when you go for a loan you need to pay so you can get another one. If you had paid back, the money would have been doing some good business today. So please stop talking plenty. Common GHC10,000 can’t pay. You are a cheap boy.- He lashed out at the journalist


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