Brazen Armed Robbers Rob Cash-In-Transit Vehicle At Choppies, Bulawayo In Broad Daylight

Romicon Security’s Cash-In-Transit Vehicle ( Image Credit: Zimlive)


A gang of armed robbers pulled off a brazen robbery of a cash-in-transit vehicle outside a Choppies Supermarket in Bulawayo. The gang made off with seven trunks of cash after pulling off the daring raid in broad daylight.

iHarare has learned that the robbers who seemed to have had inside information pounced on the cash-in-transit vehicle which was outside the supermarket at around 10 AM. The robbers fired three shots in the air before subduing the security guards from Romicon Security and stealing the money.

According to the police, Romicon Security was using a Kombi minibus to transport the money. The company had already collected cash from other locations when it went to collect money at the Choppies Supermarket in Parklands. Because of this arrangement, the armed robbers were able to make off with all the cash that had been collected which was in 7 trunks. The total amount stolen is yet to be ascertained.

In what seems like a well-planned and efficiently executed heist, the robbers used four Honda Fit vehicles and a variety of weapons to rob the cash-in-transit vehicle when it was full of money from several locations.


Brazen Armed Robbers Rob Cash-In-Transit Vehicle At Choppies, Bulawayo In Broad Daylight
(Image Credit: Zimlive )Brazen Armed Robbers Rob Cash-In-Transit Vehicle At Choppies, Bulawayo In Broad Daylight


The alarming robbery was confirmed by the police. National police spokesman Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi told online publication Zimlive,

“The contracted security company collected about six trunks of cash from Choppies shops in the CBD branches and then went to Parklands where they were collecting a seventh truck from that branch.

“That’s when these four Honda Fit vehicles drove in and some shots were fired. The robbers then made off with the seven trunks.”

Assistant Commissioner Nyathi expressed concern at the fact that the Choppies Supermarkets robbery has all the hallmarks of an inside job.

“It appears there’s leaking of information, and the movement of these security guards had been compromised. In the CBD they were collecting money from branches that are near banks, where they could have deposited the money, but they didn’t,” Nyathi said.

The police spokesperson also called on the security companies to do an overhaul of their security protocols in order to eliminate routine and predictability.

“This is really a cause for concern. Cash-in-transit involves security companies and their clients. It’s incumbent upon these security companies to put watertight measures and vet their employees while ensuring that the movement of cash is not published to every employee. Cash movements must not be routine, and security companies must continue to review their security measures.”

Of late Bulawayo has been hit by a string of armed robberies. Over the weekend, a female employee of a liquor store at Ascot Shopping Centre died after she was shot during an armed robbery.

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