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Boniface Gambila isn’t just greedy, acts as the King of NPP in Nabdam


Former Member of Parliament(MP) for Nabdam Constituency on ticket of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), Boniface Gambila has been described as an autocratic leader who dislikes development.

Mr. Gambila has been likened to someone who behaves like a King within the NPP in Nabdam Constituency aside from claims that he is greedy.

These were some of the reasons attributed to his defeat in 2016 and 2020 as a Parliamentary Candidate.

National Democratic Congress (NDC) MP for Nabdam Constituency, Dr. Kurt Nawane revealed this in a radio interview with A1 Radio at his residence in Kongo monitored by

Dr. Nawaane added that, his political opponent, Mr. Gambila is not only developmentally disoriented, he cares less about the wellbeing of his constituents.

Dr. Nawaane said he wished he could fine tune him to fit that purpose so that in the unlikely event he is off the seat constituents could consider him.

However, Mr. Gambila rather feels being a King instead developing the area that is why he acts stingy and only provided when he wanted to do so.

Mr. Gambila who is now acting as the Chief Executive Officer for Northern Development Authority (NDA) has been accused of mismanaging his Common fund during his stay in office as an MP.

“Boniface Gambila doesn’t like development as an MP.  He behaves like a King , he behaves like  NPP Nabdam  is for him and he is their King and he provides whenever necessary, everyone must kowtow to him.  He is not cut for the job of an MP. He is an autocrat” Dr. Nawaane stated.

Meanwhile, Mr. Nawaane indicated that unlike Mr. Gambila,  he was development oriented and fit for the work of an MP that is why the constituents have trust and believe in  a reason he has been voted twice into office as an MP.


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