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Bobrisky Slams Those Criticizing Him Over His Newly Acquired Butts


Okuneye Idris Olanrewaju, aka Bobrisky, a prominent crossdresser, took to Instagram to blast individuals who mocked his freshly acquired butt.

Bobrisky’s fans and followers have continued to criticize him once he finally exposed his newly expanded butt.

The Lagos socialite took to Instagram to respond to the bullies following this recent event.

According to Bobrisky, “I didn’t fix my body for anyone of you here to like it”.

Further speaking, he wrote:

“Some of you here are dumb. You are looking for a very big ass and hips, right? You forgot to ask urself dis question does bob has much fat to get all that mighty curves you are all expecting, I’m i not supposed to get something that will fit my small body? Or I should get something that will make my leg downward look funny

Firstly let me correct dis impression in your head. I didn’t fix my body for anyone of u here to like it, I don’t know many of you here… many of you just followed me here because you like my personality not my a s or body so let not get it twisted. I fixed my body for myself and whosever find me attractive not to please fans I don’t know. If I get excess a s now is still many of you here that will come to rant that my thighs aren’t matching with my leg. If you are looking for perfection pls go to d nearest mortuary close to you Cheers”.

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