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Blow by blow account of how seven armed men chased Zoe Abu Baidoo, caused a nasty scene at Citi FM


A Journalist with Omni Media owners of Citi TV and FM Fentuo Tahiru has detailed how he and his colleagues were in shock after seven armed men stormed the offices of the media entity to arrest two of his colleagues.

According to him, Zoe Abu Baidoo alighted from her car and was chased by seven heavily built armed men believed to be National Security Operatives into the kitchen and arrested.

The terrified Journalist said the rambo style conduct of the operatives caused fear among colleagues who were literally shivering and running for cover.

Zoe Abu Baidoo’s crime was that they had searched the phone of Caleb Kudah who is also a Journalist with Citi FM/ TV and he has taken photos of a restricted zone with the video been sent to Zoe Abu Baidoo.

Fentuo Tahiru indicated that the scene caused by the seven armed men caused Samuel Attah Mensah and Bernard Avle to get out of their offices to drive with the two Journalists to the office of the National Security.

Zoe Abu Baidoo has been left to go home but Caleb Kudah is said to still be with the National Security Operatives.


My colleague Zoe Abu-Baidoo is back in the office after being questioned. Caleb Kudah is still being questioned at the National security following his arrest earlier.

The armed officers who raided Citi FM’s premises this afternoon say Caleb’s arrest was because he was filming a national security installation and not because of the videos he took from the demonstration. They wanted to arrest Zoe because they say their checks on Caleb’s phone showed he sent the videos to Zoe.

Nobody has said Ghana police should not do their jobs but the manner they did it today scared every single person in the office. 7 strong men wielding automatic rifles pursued Zoe from the car park into the kitchen, in Rambo style. If you really want to arrest Zoe, did you need to chase her like a thief? 7 men chasing this girl – imagine the trauma.

No respect for the managers of the station, no word with the anyone and just start chasing people around in their office. And what’s her crime? Caleb sent her a video. That’s what warranted the way the police acted. Is this really safe?

The entire staff was scared to hell. What a gun went off in the process? I witnessed all of this along with many staff members. Sammens and Bernard came out of their offices to the pandemonium and subsequently drove with Zoe, along with the handcuffed Caleb back to the national security. I have too many questions but this was scary.

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