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Black Sherif spotted on billboard in Nigeria [Video]


Black Sherif

Budding rapper Black Sherif is steadily making his name beyond the shores of Ghana, and the latest country his boat has sailed to is Nigeria.

Following his collaboration with Burna Boy on his breakthrough song; Second Sermon, Black Sherif has penetrated the Nigerian market.

In a latest incident, he has been spotted on multiple billboards.

The cover photo of his collaboration which saw him beside Burna Boy has also been splashed on electronic billboards along highways and busy streets.

The latest feat was achieved after the Grammy award winner fell in love with Black Sherif’s First Sermon, to the extent of learning its Twi lyrics.


Despite not understanding the local language, Burna said he was impressed by his colleague’s vibe and wordplay.

He has promised to take Black Sherif on one of his international tours to promote his craft.

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