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Becca Marriage allegedly on the verge of collapsing as her husband is “Gbenzing” side chicks with her Money


It seems the Marriage of Ghanaian Artist Becca is on Fire as alleaged by a Popular Blogger. Popular Ghanaian Blogger Mari Gyata has alleged that Becca is really suffering in her marriage because of her husband.

According to the blogger, Becca’s husband is jobless and he is currently a burden on the Ghanaian Artist as he is always spending her Money. The blogger clam all he does is eat and sleep and doesnt bother looking for a Job

The blogger also alleaged that the Jobless Husband of Becca does not only spend her Money unneccesary but also “gbenzing” other women using Becca’s Money to foot the bill

Mari Gyata also revealed that Becca wished her Marriage would end but she is scared of what people will say and the shame and the fact that her mother warned her before she died but she didnt Listen.

Akosua kafra wai. How can you sell your colored tv for black and white.
I hate to say she(Mum) told you so but as the saying goes, you can’t advice a girl in love

Information wo ho ankasa k3nt3n mma.

RIP mama, but you all remember what Becca’s mum said in an interview she granted with Chris Vincent ryt. What an old person will see nu you as a youngster can climb the tallest tree but you will see nothing.

Let me summarize the gist before I bore you guys cos I know reading plenty isn’t part of the DNA 😁

So apparently our Nigerian ozzband is jobless. Not that he looks for job and doesn’t even get ooo( which if he does he would be employed cos of the links even the name Becca is a whole brand to get you a job) but oga no gree work. In short he is a house husband
All he does is to sit at home, sleep and eat on top of Our baby’s account. Kama how ?

You remember in the interview mama said our ozzband is the one managing the musicians account. Another great mistake our baby made I don’t know if the dzick hit her brains out. So our ozzband is jobless and living off Becca

That’s not even the gist oooo. Nanka a jobless man de3 adwaman fa wo ho b3n..Tobi ho y3 no d3 ky3n akorkono 😁the painful aspect is he uses his wife’s money to sort out these babes he gbenz left and right. 3ny3 baako 3na 3ny3 mmienu so you can imagine

Our baby girl is tired but shame no go gree for her to seek help or divorce.
That’s not all oooo there is more but take this as dinner for now
( we give the gossip tot by tot so have the patience if you really want to hear gossip)



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